Open Data and Data Analytics Training for ToroDev Staff and Interns Advancing

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The open data usage and data analytics capacity building of ToroDev staff and Interns has entered it’s third month here at ToroDev offices on plot 46 Mugurusi Road in Fort Portal, Kabarole District. The Training is conducted by Thibi, a Data Analytics and ICT4D Consulting institution based in Singapore, in partnership with a team from Open Development Institute.

It is supported with funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through the ICT4Democarcy Network for East Africa and Collaboration on International ICT Policy for Eastern & Southern Africa (CIPESA) under the project; ‘’Using open data to promote citizens and duty bearer’s engagement for improved service delivery in Uganda’’.

The training has reached practical sessions vital for the skills and knowledge needed for the success of open Data and Data Analytics project. According to the facilitator-Yan Naung Oak, Open Data does not change the world but people change it using Data accessed through Data portals like the one being initiated at Toro Development Network (ToroDev).

    ToroDev staff & Interns during Open Data           practical session

Having looked at the importance of open Data, open Data projects and strategies, Data pipeline and all the steps, Data formats, Data Inventory and Readiness framework, outreach & engagements, user research, etc we have now started the practical part of the training acquiring skills and knowledge in Data scraping and Data cleaning. These sessions are interesting and important because they determine whether you are solving the problem facing the community or just thinking that the problem exists in the community.

In situations where the citizenry has continued to question how they are governed and how public resources are being used to improve service delivery it is important to make Data easily available, accessible and simple for users because sometimes due to inadequate evidence data and skills to access and adequately analyze it when available people will always question how they are governed and how resources are being used to improve services in their communities.

         Practical Self Assessment session                       for trainees

The open Data and Data Analytics training at ToroDev is aimed at having a well trained team to guide open data platform usage, having an online documentation and data analysis to post on the available ‘Me and My Leader’ (MML) platform new datasets and info graphic reports monthly and also checking and recording monthly data usage statistics. Specific data sets on the platform will include, but not limited to; AgriData, EduData, HealthData and generalized Data4Governance.  

As a result there will be increase in number of datasets and info graphic reports posted on MML platform monthly shared with duty bearers at all levels and specifically tracking specific interest groups of datasets and info graphic reports posted to improve service delivery for the rural women, youth and disabled persons which will be evidenced  by availability of online open data on MML platform and recorded statistics of individuals accessing the data sets and info graphic reports on a monthly basis.

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