Established in 2004, the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) is a leading centre for the research and analysis of ICT related policy and information. Through its work, policy makers and various stakeholders are better informed in decision making related to ICT. CIPESA also sparks dialogue on ICT related topics in the region, thereby facilitating the use of ICT in support of development and poverty reduction.

CIPESA initiated the iParticipate Uganda project in 2011. The initiative is aimed at catalysing the role of ICTs in citizens’ engagement and participation in governance. Under the current phase, CIPESA is: documenting and publicising the benefits of open governance to citizens and the media; training media and civil society in the use of ICT tools to promote citizen participation; and providing support to grassroots public ICT access centres in Uganda. The research component of CIPESA’s activities involves analysing ICT related policies in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and researching on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of citizens in ICTs and governance. There is also a component of research dissemination and advocacy to raise the engagement of public officials and other duty bearers in ICT-for-democracy processes.



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