iHub Research

iHub is a Kenyan tech-based organisation that pursues innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides a facility in Nairobi that is open to start-ups, technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers. It is also involved in value added services to the tech community through which it provides consultancy on technology services and systems.

iHub’s research arm has expertise in qualitative and quantitative research in technology use and capacity in the East African region. Their main areas of research include governance and technology; innovation and entrepreneurship and lastly mobile and web research. Their work is tailored around developing African solutions specific to the needs of various audiences.

Under the ICT4Democracy network, iHub is exploring the interaction between governments and citizens using ICT tools in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania through a series of field studies, focus group discussions, surveys and literature reviews. This is towards a better understanding of how innovative ICTs are being used to help reduce the cost of delivering services, stemming corruption and increasing transparency.

Website: www.ihub.co.ke

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ihubNairobi

Twitter: @ihub

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