Transparency International (TI) Uganda

Transparency International Uganda (TIU) is the national chapter of the global anti-corruption movement Transparency International (TI). The Ugandan chapter was founded in 1993 and works to create a country in which the daily lives of people are free of corruption in the areas of health, education, water, private sector, extractive industries, and politics.

TIU is an active contributor to the TI strategic goals, namely promotion of national anti-corruption reform through concrete research and action, increasing the understanding of the link between corruption and poverty, empowering communities to demand accountable governance and promoting continual institutional development.

TIU uses a toll free call centre, social media and FM radio programmes to empower and promote community participation in monitoring health service delivery at health centres in northern Uganda. The project also empowers citizens, primarily Voluntary Accountability Committees (VACs), to demand social accountability of health workers. Social media is used as a platform to share and inform regarding project findings, results and experiences. TIU’s project works in collaboration with local governments in Oyam and Lira districts.

Through a toll free line (0800 200 188) VACs and the community at large can report health service delivery challenges. Reports are verified through field visits and evidence gathering before being raised with the respective authorities for remedial action.



Twitter: @TransparencyUga

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