3rd International Mobile Communication for Development Conference in India (New Delhi 28-29 Feb 2012)

The major theme of the conference centered on how mobile communication could be used for development, presentation from different panelist provided knowledge sharing, giving success stories on how ICT is being used for community empowerment. It was noted that technology alone cannot solve world development challenges but rather the proper use of these technologies to enhance project interventions.

Spider panel presentation involved all network (ICT 4 Democracy in East Africa), the network which consist of different projects in East Africa under Spider funding. All project officers presented their respective ICT projects; the network attracted some of participants who thereafter made approach towards future partnership and knowledge sharing. Within the network, synergies in program implementation were identified with WOUGNET interested in sharing TIU call center to reach out their to target communities in Northern Uganda. Organizations are destined to create a sustainable results for project inventions when they work together and actively involve target beneficiaries to own program results.

Mobile communication in its self can be used beyond communication where mobile phones in Africa are being used for money transfers, SMS knowledge sharing and accessing of educative literature from internet. Organizations venture in different ways to ensure that mobile technology supports implementation of the different program activities and at the same time selection of these technologies for community development should be carefully done putting into consideration the dynamics of community capacity to use the technology.

ICT for Democracy in East Africa consist of skilled project staffs that can provide any assistance to anyone globally for any ICT based community intervention; the network therefore is open to any person who would like to learn or share their expertise/knowledge.


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