Civil Society Coalition to Stop Maternal Mortality in Uganda Reaction to FY 2013/14 Budget Speech

In reaction to the release of the Uganda Budget FY 2013-14 on 13 June, 2013, a coalition of health advocacy organizations released the following statement: Reaction to the Financial Year 2013/14 Budget Speech.

In summary, from the Health Sector point of view projected budget for FY2013/14 is Shs 940.4BN compared to Shs 852.2BN approved budget FY 2012/13. This means its share of national budget is 7.4% from 7.8% in 2012/13. Hence an increase in absolute terms but decline in percentage share of the national budget.

This still leaves the defined health sector priority areas listed below insufficiently funded.

1. Human resource (attraction, motivation and retention)
2. Improving maternal and child health services including reproductive health
3. Improving primary health care (disease prevention and health promotion, functionalizing lower level health facilities)
4. Reduction of referrals abroad
5. Enhancing blood collection by the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services

More details at WOUGNET.

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