Rwenzori Journalist trained in policy making

Over 60 journalists from the seven districts of the Rwenzori region has been trained in policy process making, interpretation to enable them have legal skills that will enable them make leaders accountable. Johnstone Baguma Kumaraki the Director Tooro Dev speaking to Journalists in a  one day training work shop organized by Rwenzori Journalist Forum in Partnership with Tooro development net work yesterday at Whispering gardens.

He said that journalistic work need some with policy knowledge to avoid confrontations by the politicians.
Baguma said that to make leaders accountable in the fields of social infrastructure, health, education, a good journalist need to have knowledge on the policies that manage such sectors.
He said that some journalists have been confronted because they don’t have policy knowledge and they end up writing stories not backed by legal evidence, and sometimes not in line with the policy guidelines.
The training was aimed at equipping journalists with skills and knowledge on policies that govern their country and how to use them and engage leaders to be accountable to their voters.
Baguma encouraged journalist also formulate policies that will enable their country be a better place to live in and present them to parliament so that they can be in acted into a law.
BanyisaPatrick black the president Rwenzori Journalist Forum RJF encouraged journalists always to remain themselves the professional code of ethics and also read policies that govern different sectors in Uganda. This will enable them engage leaders in accountability without fear or favor.

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