WOUGNET Gender Session at eLearning Africa 2014

WOUGNET organized a panel on Gender and ICTs at the eLearning Africa Conference that took place at Speke Resort Hotel Munyonyo on 29th May 2014. The theme of the session was called “Managing Diversity and Equal Opportunities”.

The main objective of the panel was to share experiences on how WOUGNET has enhanced learning among women and girls through use of ICTs, raise awareness on the need to implement gender responsive e-learning interventions and map out opportunities for women   to access and utilize ICTs in education.

The panel session comprised of speakers and presenters, shared experiences on how to enhance learning among women and girls through use of ICTs, raised awareness on the need to implement gender responsive learning interventions.

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The  Speakers  included:

Gilbert Egwel from  Kubere Information Centre (KIC), Uganda who made a presentation on Enhancing Learning in the Education Sector in Northern Uganda: A Case of WOUGNET Experience in Using ICTs in Education of Women and Men

Mr. Ayub Kalema Golooba from  the Ministry of Education/Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), Uganda who  made presentation on Promoting Learning in Schools in Uganda Through ICTs: Benefits, Opportunities and Challenges

Ms. Martha Masibo Otim, Reach Out Wives of Soldiers´ Association (ROWOSA), Uganda,  who presented on Reaching Out to Wives of Soldiers Through Use of ICTs in Uganda: Case Study ROWOSA Experience

Ms. Goretti Zavuga Amuriat, Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET), Gender and ICTs Youth Forums in Uganda: A Case of WOUGNET Experience in Reaching Out to Educate Boys´ and Girls´ Secondary Schools Through Use of ICTs.

Mr. Gilbert Egwel discussed how ICTs  have been used to equip women and  men  with knowledge  and skills  drawing from the WOUGNET  projects  experiences in Northern Uganda  using ICTs  to  obtain information and  knowledge on best practices in agriculture, agricultural inputs, and markets, using  ICTs  to report poor service  delivery and  Rural Information Centres (Kubere Information  Centre and Ribe-ber Rural Information Centre in Amuru district) to acquire  knowledge  and skills to apply in their activities.

Ms. Martha  Masibo  from ROWOSA  a member  of  WOUGNET  discussed how they  have reached  the  wives of soldiers and  their  children though  use ICTs,  in a  center that  was established at Bombo  town. The centre teaches CISCO in partnership with Makerere University School of Women and Gender Studies. ROWOSA appreciated WOUGNET to equip them  with   skills in ICTs that led to the set up of the ICT centre to teach others.

Mr. Ayub  Kalema, from Mengo  Senior School and active on the Ministry of Education/UCC school computers project,  and who has been  supporting WOUGNET  to build skills in ICTs among the boys and girls in secondary schools, explained the importance of ICT in education. He noted that ICT brings  live examples within classrooms,  supports  research, does  online teaching, enables networking and communication.

WOUGNET gave an example of the Gender and ICTs Youth Forums, which were being conducted to sensitize boys and girls on the need to include gender in ICTs and equipped the youth with practical sessions of ICTs. All presenters noted the need for gender sensitive e-learning intervention to support learning for boys and girls, men and women.

Compiled by Goretti Z. Amuriat

Program Manager, Gender and ICT Policy Advocacy

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