Toro Development Network (ToroDev)

The Toro Development Network (ToroDev) was established in 2005 to mobilise, sensitise and train marginalised communities in Uganda including rural women and youth in the strategic use of ICTs as tools for self-sustainability. The organisation has three key areas of focus which are ICT enabled public accountability and democratic engagement for improved service delivery; the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship development; and public policy analysis and advocacy.

ToroDev aims for improved service delivery through monitoring public accountability and engagement in the communities where it works. It does this by pursuing public policy analysis and advocacy while also encouraging financial literacy, innovation and entrepreneurship at a grassroots level. The organisation works in partnership with 15 rural advocacy forums and the Rwenzori Journalists Forum (both ToroDev initiatives) to motivate citizen activism and encourage leaders to embrace the concepts of transparency and accountability.

ToroDev has partnered with 13 local FM radio stations as hubs for information and knowledge sharing sourced through the internet (social media) and mobile phones (SMS). Regular talk shows and content are designed to empower media practitioners and local citizens to advocate for and to monitor service delivery. Through these platforms, democratic engagement with leaders for development planning and budgeting is also pursued.




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