Impact of The WOUGNET ICT Trainings to The Rural Communities

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For information and communication technologies and skills to be more effective in the rural areas, ICT training must be conducted to equip the rural population with knowledge on how to fully utilize the different available ICTs accessible to them. Training in ICTs, to a greater extent, narrows the digital gap between the rural and urban communities. The rural population should not only know about the ICTs but be able to use them, for the ICTs to be effective and fully utilized, there must be a systematic effort to understand the exact challenges of the rural dwellers and identify the best innovative ways to address them.

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Taking stock of service delivery in the districts of Apac, Kole and Oyam in Northern Uganda

Voluntary social accountability committees in Apac, Kole and Oyam were empowered by Women of Uganda Network, equipped with ICT tools especially mobile phones and cameras to facilitate them in monitoring, documenting and disseminating service delivery issues within their respective communities to their various duty bearers and also share the key findings on various platforms such as Ushahidi and U-Call. They were also equipped with networking and advocacy skills so as to prepare them to be able to engage with their leaders on key issues of concern in the community so that they take action to address them.

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