Local Citizens Comment on the State of Service Delivery in the Rwenzori Region

Leaders  of Katooke people’ forum Mr. Muzoora  Godwin and Mr.  Tugume Josephand also the Leader of PRIFODE Mr.  Mukwano Ssenyojo of  Mugusu Sub county appeared  live on Better FM  for radio discussion  on Sunday, 15th February 2015 and discussed a topic  “Are Ugandans in the Rwenzori Region enjoying better services?  If no Why

“Mwenge north is one of the county that has not benefited from the Leaders we voted to go and represent us at the parliament and district level, for example in Katooke town council we have tractors to collect garbage, but they are just packed and garbage is everywhere in the whole town council, secondly people of Kahanda, Bufunjo, Kiswange and other villages are crying of lack of clean water, Katooke Health Center 111 does not have enough drugs and most patients now are only given Paracetamol. We are suffering in terms of having unimproved services because leaders during campaigns confuse and lie to voters promising them to provide services but they don’t provide any as soon as they win the votes, voters are always forgotten.” Said Tugume Joseph From Katooke sub-county Kyenjojo district  during the Listeners forum talkshow live on Better FM.

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Politicians Investing Money to Win Elections

The panelists during the radio talkshow.

On 8th February 2015, Mr. Muntu K Willy district speaker from Ntoroko district and Mr Mwanguhya Kenneth a responsible citizen from HakibaleCommitted Citizen for Better service, Kabarole district were among the panelists who appeared on better FM to discuss the issue of politicians buying people’ votes during the campaigns to win elections.

Politicians who bribe people with money during campaigns fall in this say “USING MONEY TO GET MORE MONEY”. They think that if they are elected they will in 5 years of being  in power will be able to harvest more money to pay back the money spent buying people’ votes such politicians don’t   provide any improved services to people we need to learn a lesson from what we have seen so far “. Said Muntu Willy from Ntoroko district.

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People’s Rights and Forum for Development Receive and an Out-cry from Local Citizens about Insecurity in Mugusu Sub- County

Some of the members of People’ Rights and forum for development

Members of People’ Rights and forum for development Kabarole District  have received and out cry from the local citizens  about the issue of insecurity in the sub county of Mugusu Kabarole District .
“We have received many business people complaining being stolen and robbed of their goods from their shops at night, and Local citizens who reported the case at  Mugusu police station took a step and asked the police officers whether they are always on night duty when ever their shops are broken and goods robbed , local citizens wondered if the police officers have a hand in  doing this but as a forum we  are now working closely with the police investing  the issue and soon we shall find out who does this.” Said   Mr  Mukwano Ssenyonjo leader of the Forum.


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Financial Expert advises Parents to Teach their Young Ones to Save

Bank of Uganda Headquarters which regulates financial sector

A financial literacy expert from Mountains of the Moon University, Revocate Abwoli Keneema has advised parents to teach their young ones to save so that they can effectively plan for their future, “parents should teach their young ones how to save for instance using piggy banks and every person can save, young or old, rich or poor. You can never say that you have no money” Said Revocate while appearing on the ToroDev supported live radio discussion on Better FM called Listeners Forum on Sunday, 25th January 2014.

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Citizens’ Use of ICTs in Social Accountability in Uganda’s Kasese District

By Ashnah Kalemera

The eSociety Resource Centre Kasese is a community centre hosted by the Kasese district local government in Western Uganda. It acts as a one stop point for local government officials and community members to access various Information Communication and Technology (ICT) tools and services. The centre provides ICT training programmes, hosts an information library, runs an onlinediscussion group, maintains a news blog and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). These are all aimed at enhancing citizens’ competence in monitoring government services, promoting accountability, civic participation and good governance in Kasese District.

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Local Citizens Request for Improvement of Priority Service Delivery

Local citizens have requested their leaders to first focus on priority service delivery to enable their electorates benefit from their leadership, “we need our leaders to first focus on key service delivery areas like roads, health and schools because in many of our areas like Buheesi [Buheesi Sub County is located in Kabarole District] service delivery is poor therefore our leaders haven’t performed to their expectations” Said Asaba Charles, a local citizen from Buheesi Sub County, Kabarole Ditrict while participating on the listeners forum live radio discussion on Better FM on Saturday, 11th January 2015.

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Understanding the Role of MPs in Uganda

The Kabarole district councilor Hon. Paul Katisa while appearing on the orukurato live radio discussion indicated that the main role of a Member of Parliament is to represent people in the parliament, present their problems, issues, plans and ideas, lobby for the people to have improved service delivery and follow up the Government plans among other roles.

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Local Citizens Request for Improved Service Delivery from their Leaders

Local citizens from Hakibaale Sub County, Kabarole District have appealed to their leaders to effectively lobby and plan for improved service delivery to enable the electorates gain from their leadership, “my MP should have lobbied for better roads, effective health service delivery, better performance of the education sector for instance in Kahangi, our schools are performing poorly because our MPs are busy passing useless laws like the Public Order & Management Bill. Our MPs are also spending our tax payers money taking drinks and having good meals in Kyankwazi.” Said Mwanguhya Kenneth while appearing on the listener’s forum on 4th January, 2014 at Better FM.

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“We are Poor because of Ignorance,” Bbala Eric

The Coordinator of Initiative for Rural Development – Uganda, Bbala Eric has advised local citizens to invest time and resources in acquiring knowledge on financial literacy so as to uplift their livelihoods. “We are poor because of ignorance for instance when we go to invest we invest in poor breeds of cattle. People in the developed countries have a lot of information on savings, investments, planning for old age, credit management and financial service providers among others,” Said Bbala while appearing on the orukurato live radio discussion on 20th December, 2014 to discuss issues of financial literacy.

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SMS As a Tool for Tracking and Countering Misinformation in the Tana Delta

The Una Hakika?project, which iHub Research is proud to support,focuses on creating an information system in which crowdsourced data is used to map the origins and flow of misinformation within the Tana Delta while also testing the effectiveness of countermeasures in order to reduce the influence of misinformation.


The team spent the last two weeks of November doing an impact assessment of the project on the ground, by conducting focus group discussions in a number of villages in the Tana Delta, where Una Hakika has been able to establish itself and be adopted by community members. The objective was to gain direct feedback from the users and engage them in better improving the service.

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