Celebrations of the Human Rights Day in Tanzania

The Human Rights day which takes place on the 12th of December was celebrated in pomp and color with the guest of honor being Hon. Mizengo Pinda, the Prime Minister of Tanzania. The Chairman for CHRAGG, (Retired)Chief Justice, Captain Amiri R Mamento gave his opening address which focused on Human Rights and the prevention and combating of corruption.

During this event, the Complaints Handling System was presented to the Prime Minister by the Head of Information Systems at CHRAGG, Mr. Wilfred Warioba

Guest of Honor Hon. Mizengo Pinda received information from the head of information systems and computer communications Mr. Wilfred Warioba in Banda’s Commission on Human Rights and Good Governance on the work of the Commission on the new complaints handling system which uses cell phone messages

For more information about the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance  (CHRAGG) activities in Tanzania visit their website

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