ICT 4 Health Service Delivery "Upscale Project"

Transparency International Uganda is a member organization to ICT for Democracy in East Africa network. The ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network is premised on the recognition that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enhances communication and the right to freedom of expression, as well as the right to seek, receive and impart information. In this respect, ICT has the potential to increase citizens’ participation in decision-making processes, thus strengthening democratization.

The network received funding from SIDA through CIPESA to upscale ICT projects in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, up scaling projects that were piloted with funding from  SPIDER (Swedish Programme for ICT in Developing Regions) funding,
its through this funding that ICT for Health service delivery have been up-scaled to cover all health centers in Lira and Oyam district.
Project Purpose
To promote transparency and accountability in health service delivery through ICT.
To contribute towards improvement of health service delivery in Northern Uganda

  • To reduce the rates on absenteeism of health workers
  • To increase community participation in demanding for Transparency and Accountability functionality of health centers
  • To empower communities in reporting cases of absenteeism through ICT.
  • To promote Local government Advocacy in health service delivery.

TIU since July 2011 has been implementing ICT Health project in northern Uganda as an ideal response to challenges hindering effectiveness and quality of health service delivery.  Project approach is empowering, unit and engage different stakeholders towards collective efforts to improve systems and health service delivery; mainly focusing on Lira and Oyam District. The project was piloted in 8 government aided health centers in both Lira and Oyam and have now be upscale in the entire health centers in Lira and Oyam.
ICT platforms (Toll free Call Center, Social Media and FM Radio programs) are being used as technological for both empowering and promoting community participation in monitoring health service redelivery at their respective health centers. Increasing community participation in demanding social accountability of health workers has always been key in realizing expected results and building a working relationship between service providers and service users. To realize lasting solutions to the poor health service delivery, TIU has always worked hand in hand with respective district Local government in advocating for improved health service delivery in both Oyam and Lira district.
The toll free call center (0800200188) which is the main technological platform being used is providing a great deal of community engagement and participation, a platform were community health users call the organization for free to report health service delivery challenges; when complains are reported, followed-ups are made to verify and ensure evident based reporting before respective authorities are engaged to take actions. Social Media (www.facebook.com/StopAbsenteeism ) is also been used to share and inform global internet users regarding project findings, results and knowledge sharing.
Transparency International Uganda encourages health service users and different stakeholders to monitor health service delivery at respective government aided health centers in Northern Uganda and report their findings through the toll free call center which intern the organization will make follow ups and engage relevant authorizes to address respective complains.

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