“Citizens Are not Well Sensitized on the Role of MPs” Rwamuhumbu

Mr. Rwamuhumbu Davis, an opinion leader from Kabarole district, Western Uganda has indicated that there is increased ignorance from citizens on the role of their leaders because citizens are not well sinsitised about the constitution.

Mr. Rwamuhumbu was participating on the Orukurato live radio discussion supported by ToroDev on Hits FM, Fort Portal which was broadcast on 8thNovember, 2014 (08:00 – 10:00pm). The topic for discussion was, “What are the roles of Members of Parliament”.

The discussion topic was in response to the tracfm poll question titled, “As a citizen of Uganda, what is the role you expect from your Members of Parliament? Available online at http://tracfm.org/p/view/1178/

Uganda Parliament

“Citizens are not well sensitized on the role of their Members of Parliament. The roles of MPs are in the 1995 Uganda constitution however; our leaders haven’t also taken keen interest to educate the local citizens on the constitution. When leaders are looking for votes, they promise heaven on earth.” Said Rwamuhumbu.

Rwamuhumbu cited examples of the empty promises leaders tell the local citizens while looking for votes like construction of roads, bridges, hospitals and schools among others.

“An MP doesn’t construct roads, hospitals, schools, among other things. He/she can only lobby for bigger budgeting for sectors like road construction, health and education improvement, etc. He/she can also legislate better laws to improve service delivery” Added Rwamuhumbu.

Listeners participated through call-ins, SMS and online for instance Bataringaya, a caller from Kabarole district who indicated that the problem is not ignorance of the laws but poverty from the local citizens. Mwesige, a caller from Njara – Fort Portal Municipality called live and asked why most of the issues discussed by MPs in parliament aren’t implemented?


The Orukurato live radio discussion which is moderated by Kasigazi Willy Donanto and supported by SIDA and NED.

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