Kabarole District Boss Appeals for More Funding to The Roads Sector

The District Chairperson Kabarole Mr. Richard Rwabuhinga has appealed to the central government leaders to increase funding to the roads sector to improve the livelihoods of the rural communities.

“Most of the sub counties in Kabarole district like Mugusu, Kicwamba, Buheesi, Hakibaale, etc get between UGX 6 to 8 million to support the road sector. What can that small amount of money help to improve the road sector in the entire sub county like Hakibaale? We are therefore appealing to our MPs and the responsible ministry to add us more money to improve the road sector.” Said Mr. Rwabuhinga.

While appearing on the ToroDev supported live radio discussion on accountability called orukurato on 22nd November, 2014, the Kabarole district chairperson also apologized to the people of Kabarole for the poor state of the road networks.

Richard Rwabuhinga

“I need to apologise because our roads are not in a good state for instance Nyabukara – Harugongo road which we recently tried to work on but because of the heavy rains, the machines couldn’t effectively work on them. Kiburara – Geme, Kitarasa – Busaiga roads also have many potholes.” Said Mr. Rwabuhinga.

Listeners participated in the discussion through live call-ins and SMS for instance Kabadigidi from Mugusu Sub County appealed to the district chairperson to go to Kigaya and see for himself the poor state of the road.

Akugizibwe, a caller from Hakibaale Sub County requested the district chairperson for assistance to work on Kahangi – Kiburara road which is in a very poor state.

Edward, a caller from Kabarole district thanked the chairperson for coming on radio to give accountability and advised him to appeal to the minister of Local Government, Hon. Adolf Mwesige to lobby for improved funding to the road sector. Other listeners can also participate online via the orukurato facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1451619451731153/

The orukurato live radio discussion which is held every Saturday of the week (08:00 – 10:00pm) and moderated by Kasigazi william is supported by ToroDev in partnership with Hits FM, SIDA and NED.

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