Improving Performance in USE Schools

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Madam Basemera Nesta a  teacher from Kabarole District and Mugisha Willy the director of Rwimi Parent’s School, appeared on the ToroDev supported live radio discussion on Hits FM called Orukurato Forum on Saturday, 24th January 2014 and discussed a topic about how performance can be improved in USE  schools.
“A teacher is supposed to play a fundamental role of being a change agent of causing a positive change towards enhancing a learner’s performance to the thresholds. Therefore, a teacher who is to change a learner he/she must be a trained professional, he must understand key concepts involved in teaching, and able to apprehend issues in dynamic ways, he should be a facilitator, a mentor. Among  others.

Therefore, teachers needs also to be motivated in terms of salaries being paid on time, lunch provision, shelter among others that will enable them to provide a comprehensive knowledge among learners. “This will also enhance the performance of our children in both primary and secondary schools”. As noted by Madam Basemera Nesta a professional teacher .

Nevertheless,  Nesta suggests that,  parents should prepare their kids well before they go to school, they should feed them on an appropriate good diet, talk to them, tell them how important is to go school to attain school and motivate them especially the primary schools children this will help them concentrate  and improve their performance.

However also, the parents have a role to play especially supporting the performance of their children. Every parent must sit down and plan with his/ her children before sending them to school for their studies. These further involved purchasing in time the entire school requirements and also attend the school meetings whenever they are called to do so, this will help the school management to plan with parents.

The parents should mentor their children, pack enough food and clean water for them, get some time and visit them, create a good rapport with the child and the class teacher this will motivate the child hence improving in his or her performance”. As reported by Mr. Mugisha Willy the director of Rwimi Parent’s School.

Further still, the constant supervision of government schools should be emphasized by the ministry of education especially if the children performance is to be to the thresholds among government schools, more still, schools should bring back the law of forcing parents to pack food and water for their children among different stakeholders that are not limited to NGOs, donor community among others to come up on board and support the government in improving the education sector in Government schools”. as noted by Mr Rwamuhumbu Davis local citizen from Kabarole District.

Bashil a caller from Mbarara commented that private schools perform well because they have good supervision from their top leaders which is far different from the Government schools; Teachers are not always supervised to mentor and motivate them hence affecting the performance of the children.

The above issues were shared during the live radio discussion on Hits FM, Saturday, 26th January 2015 where 15 people called in during the talk show to share their issues relating to the improving performance in schools. Callers participated from among the 7 political districts that from Rwenzori Sub Region and other neighboring districts of western Uganda.

The live radio discussion which was moderated by Mr. Kasigazi Williams Donanto is supported by Toro Development Network (ToroDev) in partnership with SIDA, Spider, NED,, CIPESA, DRT, ICT4Dem,  and Hits FM,

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