Politicians Investing Money to Win Elections

The panelists during the radio talkshow.

On 8th February 2015, Mr. Muntu K Willy district speaker from Ntoroko district and Mr Mwanguhya Kenneth a responsible citizen from HakibaleCommitted Citizen for Better service, Kabarole district were among the panelists who appeared on better FM to discuss the issue of politicians buying people’ votes during the campaigns to win elections.

Politicians who bribe people with money during campaigns fall in this say “USING MONEY TO GET MORE MONEY”. They think that if they are elected they will in 5 years of being  in power will be able to harvest more money to pay back the money spent buying people’ votes such politicians don’t   provide any improved services to people we need to learn a lesson from what we have seen so far “. Said Muntu Willy from Ntoroko district.

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