Local Citizens Comment on the State of Service Delivery in the Rwenzori Region

Leaders  of Katooke people’ forum Mr. Muzoora  Godwin and Mr.  Tugume Josephand also the Leader of PRIFODE Mr.  Mukwano Ssenyojo of  Mugusu Sub county appeared  live on Better FM  for radio discussion  on Sunday, 15th February 2015 and discussed a topic  “Are Ugandans in the Rwenzori Region enjoying better services?  If no Why

“Mwenge north is one of the county that has not benefited from the Leaders we voted to go and represent us at the parliament and district level, for example in Katooke town council we have tractors to collect garbage, but they are just packed and garbage is everywhere in the whole town council, secondly people of Kahanda, Bufunjo, Kiswange and other villages are crying of lack of clean water, Katooke Health Center 111 does not have enough drugs and most patients now are only given Paracetamol. We are suffering in terms of having unimproved services because leaders during campaigns confuse and lie to voters promising them to provide services but they don’t provide any as soon as they win the votes, voters are always forgotten.” Said Tugume Joseph From Katooke sub-county Kyenjojo district  during the Listeners forum talkshow live on Better FM.

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Local Citizens Request for Improved Service Delivery from their Leaders

Local citizens from Hakibaale Sub County, Kabarole District have appealed to their leaders to effectively lobby and plan for improved service delivery to enable the electorates gain from their leadership, “my MP should have lobbied for better roads, effective health service delivery, better performance of the education sector for instance in Kahangi, our schools are performing poorly because our MPs are busy passing useless laws like the Public Order & Management Bill. Our MPs are also spending our tax payers money taking drinks and having good meals in Kyankwazi.” Said Mwanguhya Kenneth while appearing on the listener’s forum on 4th January, 2014 at Better FM.

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Ugandan Local Government Minister Responds to Tracfm Poll Data [Question] on Improving Energy Service Delivery in Rwenzori Sub-region, Western Uganda

The Uganda Minister of Local Government and also MP representing Bunyangabu County, Kabarole District, Hon. Adolf Mwesige has indicated that electricity will be extended to all the rural areas without access to electricity in the near future. “The first thing I did when I was elected to parliament [MP representing Bunyangabu County, Kabarole District] I made a plan of areas in need of electricity in Bunyangabu County.” Said Hon. Adolf.

He adds, “We started connecting trading centres with power lines and trading centres like Buheesi, Kibiito, Kabale, Kasunga Nyanja, Rubona, Kicuucu, etc are now fully connected with electricity because they are connecting centres where many businesses in need of electricity are located.” Said Minister Adolf.

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Kicwamba Forum for Development and Service Delivery Demands Accountability from the Local Leaders

On 30th September 2014, members of Kicwamba Forum for Development and Service Delivery organized an accountability meeting in Kicwamba Sub County, Kabarole District. The meeting was attended by different local leaders both at the district and sub county level, who were able to give accountability to their local citizens. The leaders included the area councilor Hon Twesige Clovis, the LC III Chairperson Hon Businge Charles, the CDO (Community Development Officer) Kicwamba Sub County Mr. Kahingwa Stephen, the LCI Chairperson Hon Kalenzi, among others.

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Ntoroko District Health Officer Gives the Performance of the Health Sector of Ntoroko District

On 11th October 2014, the District Health Officer of Ntoroko District Dr. Sentamu Simon appeared on HITS FM to give the performance of the health sector in Ntoroko District. “According to the Health Center IV level of Ntoroko District, we always make orders of medicine to National Medical Stores every after two months that is worth nine million and six hundred thousand (for Karugutu Health Center IV), four million for health center IIIs, and one million and five hundred thousand for health center IIs”. The panelist was discussing on ToroDev’s live radio discussion called ‘Orukurato Program’, a live radio discussion that discusses issues of accountability every Saturday (08:00-10:00) pm.

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ToroDev Engages Kyegegwa District Local Leaders on Service Delivery Issues

Description and Rationale of Meeting

On Wednesday, 19th September, 2012, ToroDev staff held a consultative meeting with local leaders in Kyegegwa District aimed at identifying gaps in service delivery and finding appropriate interventions for improved livelihoods since government services like roads, schools, markets, health centers, NAADS, etc. directly affects the livelihoods of the local people.

This follows ToroDev interventions since 2011 aimed at improving service delivery in the seven districts of Rwenzori Region. The organization has been conducting lobbying and advocacy campaigns, training rural grassroots’ populations in service delivery monitoring and conducting live radio talkshows on HITS FM and Better FM aimed at improving the state of service delivery through engagement with local leaders and awareness creation.

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